Sir Adonis Campbell
Sir Adonis Campbell, Knight of Albion and third son of the current Baron Campbell is a man with a problem.

 He's pretty you see, possessed of a figure so classical as to cross the line into caricature - standing just shy of an intimidating two metres he has the aquline nose, long blonde hair and striking blue eyes to make any budding eugenicist smile in approval. To make matters worse he has little choice but to be broad-shouldered and possessed of powerful arms (though in his defence those are both natural consequences of his being raised to sword and lance-work), whilst his gait is graceful but slightly bow-legged, showing the signs of plentiful exercise but also many years spent learning how to ride warhorses to battle, or at least to tourneys when there's not the good fortune to be a war in the offing.

 The problem this causes is of course that by the laws of universal narrative, he should have to aspire to room-temperature IQ.

 He doesn't do himself any favours with his dress either - varying by necessity between good linen and occasional silk in the colours of the Campbell family (blue and silver) or more practical, but no less well-tailored plate steel, bright-polished and perhaps only a generation or so out of fashion by the standards of the Continent, over which is often draped a surcoat carrying the family crest of a silver dragon rampant bearing a sword upon a field of blue.


 Looks 15