Karl Grimmson
He's five foot eight inches tall with a slender, wiry build. He has red hair, roughly cut, that hangs in his eyes when he doesn't have it slicked back (which he rarely thinks to do). He's got pale skin and a smattering of freckles and deep-set blue eyes.  Karl often dresses in jeans and solid-color dark t-shirts or tops decorated with Celtic knotwork (or similar tribal designs). The only accessories he wears is a necklace of a hammer with knotwork (below) and his wallet is made of leather with the same designs.

Karl is fourteen and often seems shy and reclusive. His eyes are haunted, reflecting the soul of a child who has seen to much. At times he becomes more animated- excitable and willing to experience just as any child should, and then there are times when he almost takes on someone else's personality. He always carries around a sketchpad and charcoal pencils, but regardless of the skill (which is impressive) they tend to make those looking upon them uneasy. The scenes often revolve around death and violence and they hold a realism that a teenager should not be capable of communicating.