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If ...
Have you ever wondered, "What if ...?"

This is a game for one-on-one or small group roleplay that seeks to match both writers and storylines of interest.  There will be no GM intervention (unless requested) - the directions the individual stories take is up to the players.

Have an idea for a storyline, fantasy, or daydream, and would like a writing partner or two to make it happen?   Give me your idea, the type of character that you'd like to play, and what kind of writing partners/participating character you'd like to write with, and I'll open a thread.

For example:

Kerys, priestess of the god whose name is unspoken, has long roamed the walls of her prison, the tower where she once worked her evil divine magic upon those who opposed her god's schemes, alone, unaging.  Her magic is still strong, but she is lonely, and oh, so weary of these confines.

Writing partner desired: Fantasy-type adventurer to find his way into Kerys' prison tower, bent on thievery, discovery, redemption, or final judgement.  The interaction will stem from the type of character and purpose chosen by the writing partner, and someone wishing a battle of wits, ingenuity, seduction, etc. would be preferred.  Limitations - decent spelling, 3+ posts per week preferred.


Anyone interested in playing a part should PM the thread's primary character with any questions and their character idea(s).  When and if the players agree, they can begin posting in the thread.  I will create characters for players upon request.