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  • This game contains mature content.
Boy's Love University (Archived)
Hello to all future students. This is the Boy's Love University Headmaster speaking:

On behalf of myself and fellow administrators, we would like to thank you for taking our learning institution to start your academic career into consideration. There is one particular trait to this university that is very different and unique from other school and that is because it is only meant for those of male kind. We have everything from pretty boys to rugged boys to shy boys to athletic boys to artistic boys, and any other type that you can think. You name it, we got it! We like to differentiate the types of young men that walk the halls of Boy's Love University. Although, boys are an important key part of this institution, we do take our standards, academics, and reputation very seriously so naturally there will be rules to follow to keep them intact. We would like you to take the time to read the instructions of the academy on the home page of our school site very carefully. If there are any questions or concerns regarding our academy's policy, please feel free to contact me at any time. After taking the time to read the instructions given to you and you still feel like you have a place here at Boy's Love University, please fill out a character application and we'll get that processed for you so that you can enroll immediately.

Thank you and Good luck,