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  • This game contains mature content.
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The World of Alvaera
The World of Alvaera.

Thousands of years have passed since the Breaking of the World, mankind's hour of their most cherished mistakes culminating in the single most catastrophic fallout ever caused by man's own hand. The Gifts of old, wielded for power and control the likes of which they were never meant to have, wielded by those never meant to have it. With their foolishness came the Breaking, and after it the Ages of darkness and ruin that shaped man's innermost will to stand upon its strengthened pedestal of perseverance.

Time spins its way through the world, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten as souls die out and pass on to the worlds outside the world of men. But these myths, these legends, these memories, are never lost. Not to the world, and sometimes, not even to mortal men. For when the Gifts were given to man, so came life's crescendo.

The Five gods crafted these Gifts in their own images. The lowliest god, Aiemiaiuar, crafted for man the Gifts of Arts. Martial prowess begetting mental perfection, Arts gave mortal men the most perfect of bodies, able to take the energies of their core and shape it to their will.

The next two gods in line, Asvijr and Amminir, made their Gifts tune to the hearts and minds of men. Asvijr created the Strongarms, granting mortals strength and ferocity disproportionate to their already massively up-scaled bodies. Their skin toughened, their nerves tightened, and they paid no heed to the elements of the world

Amminir chose the more subtle of human capacities, tailoring the Gift of Psionics to train even the most brilliant minds to a scope far surpassing anything man could hope to achieve on his own. With it, Psions were able to bring forces into this world, toy with the fabric of the mind, and explore the dreamscapes and realms outside of human comprehension.

The most powerful of the gods, brother and sister, crafted their gods last, but even so, their power would be the first to enter the world and act as the progenitor to all the Gifts to follow. Abaletshari gave man the Gift of Mutation. The energy of the body was a craftable thing, and with this Gift they would be able to draw forth the energies of their soul to cover themselves in impenetrable armor and deadly blades; or, they could use the power internally, boosting their bodily functions and regenerative capabilities to legendary levels.

Finally, Adotesakoriseonor bestowed Magic into the world. Wielding the most raw power but also the most unstable and fragile of the Gifts, Mages were given the capability to craft the Elements to the whims of their souls, unleashing upon the world storms of fire, waves of epic proportion, arcs of lightning, and more, tailoring their spells to the twelve Elements crafted by the Five in council.

These Gifts in hand, the Five now stood watch over creation, crafting souls with these Gifts in them to those chosen by the Fates, overseeing the mechanics of the world to ensure that the first Breaking would be the last.

But with power like this and the inherently unpredictable nature of man, one could never be certain. Sometimes, mistakes are made. Sometimes, anomalies occur. So it then becomes Man's responsibility to use their wondrous Gifts for their own safety.

Dark words and darker sightings on the rivers of Carmenaria have given the country's king, Ryees Kimara, the Sword in the Sun and Master of the Nine Points, pause. Carmenaria's capital of Caricia, settled so far north in the country, does not quite have the reach the king would like, and has recently sent word to Ruz of a joint tasking to make the Ruzian river delta - and the rivers connected to it - a safer place for all of those traveling them. All of Ruz, as well as the Carmenarian cities of Assir, Bodamira, and North and South Motan, would benefit greatly from a safe waterway to travel. Ruz agreed, and has signed to the project.

The pair of nations are sending out summons all over the world, gathering an elite group of sailors and seagoers to secure these waterways for everyone. But what was the cause for the darkness on the seas? None would know but those sent to find it.

Time moves on, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again. Perhaps the events of this Age will be the legends of the next? None but our adventurers will know the truth...