• This game is under the Anime, Action/Adventure & Eastern genres.
  • The game system is Home-brewed.
  • This game contains mature content.
Arashi no Jidai ~ {Naruto}
[A Naruto-verse game using a homebrew system]

This is the era of the 13th Hokage, the 13th Kazekage, and the 1st Ongakugake.

Times have changed and not changed.

Following the distruption caused by Orochimaru, the Land of Sound spend several years in turmoil. Eventually, supported by the Leaf Village, and under the leadership of the Lord of the Sound Village stability was achieved. Political and marital alliegances joined the Land of Sound with its neighbour, forming the Land of Music. Several years ago, in recognition of Otogakure's rise and the work of the Lady of the Sound Village, Tanaka Aika has been given the honorary title "Ongakukage".

The swift rise of a new kage in a village barely older than her children drew resentment from other, longer established, villages such as the Hidden Waterfall village and Hidden Grass village. No ouright hostility has shown between villages yet, but co-operation is waning to the barest minimum.

This tension boiled over in the Hidden Waterfall, which suffered a night of civil war. The Shikitei and Asuka clans tried to forcibly remove the Lord of the Waterfall and take the village under their own control. The coup failed, only managing to diminish the village's resources. Although the ruling clan has proved their mettle they are stretched thin trying to keep all their work, putting increased pressure on this rising generation of genin.

Konoha still holds a prominent position. Come what may they have not been shaken, and their protection has sheletered Otogakure and allowed it to blossom. Their alliance with the other main villages has been strained at times, but so far balance has been maintained.

The Village Hidden in the Sand has come on leaps and bounds from the days of the Third Kazekage. It rose fastest in the time of the Jinchuuriki Kazakage, Gaara, and has continued to build a sturdy reputation for determination and honour. The village is much wealthier now than it was, although its most precious commodities are still water and reputation. Sunagakure's connection to Konoha is still strong, though not quite as tight as it was some generations ago.