• This game is under the Sci-Fi genre.
  • The game system is Free-form.
Doctor Who: Doctor Where?
The universe is in crisis. Some powerful, malevolent entity has lifted The Doctor from time. All his incarnations have vanished from the timelines. The consequence of his never having existed is incalculable. Whole civilisations will be destroyed, and the universe itself will ultimately come to an ignominious end.

There is little time before the echoes of his life totally vanish from time. Those who protect the true timelines have little time to waste. Burying their past differences in order to protect the Universe from total destruction, the White and Black Guardians pool resources to reach into time and gather the best and bravest of The Doctor’s friends, hoping that their knowledge of his ways will give them a chance to locate him before Armageddon destroys everything.

Can The Doctor’s companions track him down in time, and defeat the malevolent force that holds him prisoner? Will other evil forces take advantage of this chaos to advance their own wicked plans?

Join the desperate search for The Doctor – the fate of the Universe lies in your hands!

Doctor Where? is a free-form game based on the BBC TV series, Doctor Who Players will play canon characters selected from the Companions in the long-running series. However, priority will be given to characters drawn from the original series that ran from 1963-1989. I will allow a character from the modern Dr Who canon, but only one, and then only if it comes with an exceptional quality RTJ. This is going to be a game based on original series player characters – but new Dr Who will be perfectly canon, and NPCs may be drawn from that series….

I’m looking for five or six players. I am also hoping to receive characters from right across the Dr Who time frame. A well-made Ben or Jamie will be given considerable priority. Likewise, Polly or Liz Shaw will be welcomed with open arms. Of course, A good Leela, Ace, or Turlough will be very positively received.

Some character details to be aware of:

PCs will need to be drawn from a time where they are aware of The Doctor. They can’t come from a time before they met. They can come from a time after they parted company, with three exceptions: Zoe and Jamie had their timelines reset by the Time Lords, and memories erased, so cannot exercise this option. Romana remained in an alternate universe, and therefore is unavailable. All three of these characters can be played if they are drawn from a time when they are still travelling with The Doctor.

Characters must be good. They must not be playing a cloned, hypnotised, or otherwise evil variation of themselves. This includes Turlough: he must be drawn from a time after Enlightenment where he is no longer working for the Black Guardian.

Obscure companions will be accepted! This includes regular guest characters, such as members of UNIT (Benton, Yates, and the Brigadier being obvious examples.) I will also accept Katarina and Sara Kingdom with a good RTJ.

Characters made by the players will not be allowed, so please do not ask

I expect regular activity (at least a couple of posts a week) and high quality posts of a decent length. One sentence posts are not acceptable. I will make allowances for those who do not have English as their first language, but would like decent punctuation and a grasp of grammar that makes writing intelligible.

This game is meant to be fun, will have a dark element but will mostly be light-hearted and in keeping with the theme of the original tv series. With all the new Dr Who games on Rpol, I felt it was time for an original Dr Who game. Come join the fun!