• This game is under the Fantasy genre.
Beyond the Misty Mountains
Just for fun, between me and some freinds. If you know me feel free to join in :D

 There was once a small hamlet, near a small lake, beyond the misty mountains to the east. Untouched by time, misfortune or war the Sleepy town gave birth to happy children who played on the edge of the deep forest where shadows, hid spirits, and fey things who played games and made mischief with the children.
  Among the neat, comfortable homes was born a girl with a gift for magic, and a young boy to keep her company in the adventures that awaited them. For years spring ran into summer and fall into winter and back to spring without fail. or notice. The woes of the outside world only the stuff of tap room tales among the adults, and fire side stories to the children.
   As spring comes, snow melts and the nights warm a dream draws the two young folk to a glade deep into the forest where the sight of a Gypsy queen holding court among forest folk and fey beasts leaves them speechless in the shadows of the glen.]

  " Oh don't be afraid, we were waiting for you. The festival begins, and we can't have you hiding like goblins in the dark." The Gypsy queen smiled and laughed as a glimmer of wytche light illuminated the shadows where the two hid.