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ASoIF - A Lords' Game
Somewhere in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, a tragedy has shattered a once great house, House Moatlife. During the War of the Usurper, a House leader had risen high and won glory, land, and influence. However, on coronation of our new King Robert, the Lord Ludwig Moatlife and his immediate heirs succumbed to old wounds and festering diseases. In the wake of so-called larger concerns, it was decided the House would be scattered into smaller lords under the same liege Lord.

Although this has determined who rules and upholds law; it has through paper and circumstance brought down a possible great house. Some intrigue masters would think this disarming a possible rival. However, this has led to a greater problem. There now lies two factions; Moat Carvers & Moat Waters. The "Carvers" seek to not only reclaim their old family lands, but to take half again as much in recompense; the "Waters" seek to restore and unite banners to reestablish their old House and prevent any further bloodshed.

Our story follows the acts of a handful of houses that must choose to Carve their place in the world or Water the remnants of their past to fruition once more. All the while, watching closely at those who choose the opposing side...