• This game has been marked for deletion.
Nights of the Kindred
“The nights have been…awesome. The Kine only pay attention to their immediate lives, and they only ever care about themselves. The poor and degenerate live in the worst of housing, and are so easy to feed off of. Hell, get me to a night club! Nobody even notices there if you take a few bites, everyone is so wrapped up their social networks and virtual reality. And us? We rule the night, we rule the day, we rule everything! The mages pander to us. The wolves protect us. The changelings are our servants. The sin-eaters and hunters? Bad memories of nights long past. What could possibly go wrong?”
-Michael Miller

This is a Vampire: The Requiem game with elements pulled from Vampire: The Masquerade, like the clans and some disciplines. It is vaguely cyberpunk, but is mainly more about Vampires and their ilk. The setting’s core theme is not just about Vampires and their standard loss of humanity, but about how society itself has lost touch with it’s humane side, as they replace their bodies with machines, and how their ambitions are fueled by an ever hungry corporate entity, and how the kindred and kine alike continue in their endeavors for more. The themes of Overindulgence, Greed, and lack of Morality play important rolls in the game. The game year is 2038. See the wiki for more details: