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Star Wars: Between Light and Shadow
It is a time of great unrest within the Galaxy.

In the wake of the Death Star's destruction, The Empire tightens its grip on the Galaxy.  In the pursuit of the Rebel Alliance they will leave no stone unturned.  As their grip tightens however, more systems begin to rebel.  And it isn't just planets but criminal organizations who feel the squeeze, who now turn to The Rebellion for survival.

There remains one place within the Imperial sphere of influence where that squeeze hasn't been felt; where a person can still feel somewhat free.  That is The Wheel, a giant circular space station located in the Besh Gorgon System.  It is central to the Maldrood Sector in the Mid-Rim.  There a treaty emerged at the end of the Clone Wars giving The Wheel autonomy, somewhat.  One quarter of the station, and the arch of space facing it, is given over to Imperial docks.  In exchange for their freedom and the Immunity Sphere around the station where ships can come and go as they please without Imperial interference, The Wheel pays heavy taxes to the Empire and agrees to follow Imperial anti-alien laws.

What they do with their freedom is simple.  The Wheel is a den of iniquity.  It is home to two of the Galaxy's most lavish casinos.  The hotels and spas that ring The Wheel can provide the Galaxy's wealthiest with anything they want.  Anything.  Which brings us to The Wheel's other major industry: crime.  The Maldrood Sector is particularly lawless.  Crime is the life's blood of the Maldrood Sector economy.  The Wheel is neutral ground where anyone can do business.  More Spice, stolen goods, and other illegal products pass through its docks than Tatooine and Corellia combined.  Only Nar Shaddaa has more.

And there's nothing the Empire can do about it.  Yet.
Recently though there was a sighting of Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa on The Wheel.  After their escape the Empire is beginning to think that perhaps leaving The Wheel free is causing more problems than it's worth.  The Fortune Wheel is about to be turned.

Star Wars: Between Light and Shadow is a game that takes place in the middle of the Rebellion Era (1 ABY).  Players start out alone, although two players may start out together if they already know each other.  The one rule in creation is that you have to be starting out on The Wheel Station.  You can be just passing through.  Where you go from there is up to you.  And so is who you serve.