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MechWarrior: Heroes
After the Fed Com civil war, there were many ex-Davion and ex-Steiner soldiers who left their respective armies for one reason or another. Many could not abide following the orders of superiors who had fought on the 'other side' during the war. Some were disillusioned by the vicious fighting and atrocities committed on both sides. Yet others left because they were tired of constant war and sought easy duty.

This led to a huge increase in the number of mercenaries seeking employment on Outreach and Galatea. Due to the Star League's recent detente with the Clans after the Great Refusal, there were not many opportunities for a mercenary to gain employment. The skirmishes on the Jade Falcon/Lyran Commonwealth border were decidedly low key as both military tried to rebuild their forces.

Even the Chaos March had calmed down following the end of the civil war. Most of the worlds had already been claimed by either the resurgent Capellan Confederation, the Federated Suns, or the Word of Blake.

This led to the two mercenary strongholds of Outreach and Galatea to becoming crowded with whole battalions of mercenaries who have nowhere to go. Most mercenaries would seek fame or fortune, loyalty is but a mindset and a courtesy easily swept away by credits. In the end, everyone will have to choose a side.