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HEROv6 - The Sheep In Wolf's Clothing
Sheep in Wolf's Clothing
Everybody wants to play superhero! Your neighbor's kid wears a mask as he does hall monitor duty at the elementary school. Three of the tellers at your bank wear the same spandex suit every day, and one of them has a coin changer that fires quarters at supersonic speed. For them it's all hype and the possibility to land the big merchandising contract. Unfortunately, for you it isn't. See, in this world, superheroes are rock stars. This also means everybody's got a garage band.
Hero 6th edition rules.
  1. Base points for any hero is 325
  2. After the first 325 points, each point must be matched by a point of complications
  3. Maximum of 75 points of complications
  4. Maximum of 20 points of any one type of complication
  5. Attacks can have a maximum of 60 active points
  6. Defenses can have a maximum of 40 active points