• This game has been marked for deletion.
Dungeons and Dragons: Judgement Day
As the Archomental Imix begins his call to burn the whole material plane to ash, the Sky Lord puts out a call to all the leaders of the world that the Heroes of the Third War are needed once again to save the world from impending destruction.

"It seems the gods no longer concern themselves with the day to day affairs of this world. So it is imperative that we defend it ourselves. The our world needs its heroes once again."

At the end of the Third War, all the heroes went their separate ways.

You are one of these heroes. You have migrated to somewhere remote. Perhaps you are an archmage that traveled to a mage's tower upon the elemental planes. Maybe you are a druid who dived into the ancient and unspoiled wilderness. Could it be you are warlord that erected a fortress elsewhere in the world, or a cleric that traveled to the paradise to preview the life you'd have after death? Just maybe you are a lord of deception and subterfuge you wore a mask of normalcy in plain sight over the face of a benevolent anti-hero.

You must bring the world back from the edge of disaster once again.