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Offensive Driving for Fun, Fame, and Profit
Civilization didn't really fall, so much as it... stumbled. A series of unfortunate decisions by politicians, leaders and judges caused the United States to go off the rails a bit, economically, culturally, and ethically.

It was no longer safe to go out on the streets, there were grain blights, food riots, and a civil war that saw parts of the union secede.  Fortress towns developed in parts of the country that had lax federal enforcement, and the once sprawling network of telecommunications and data that spanned the globe was fractured and reduced to naught.

Eventually, the situation began to stabilize, technology began to be reclaimed for use by the common citizen, and things started to look a little better. But the landscape had been forever changed. Those who had survived had often done so because they'd learned to take their defense into their own hands. Within the cities that remained, cars were mostly what they had always been (albiet with small guns attached and converted to electric models due to the now outrageous price of oil).

Outside the cities however, cars had become everything. Symbol of freedom, transportation, living quarters, and weapons. Rolling fortresses where a man or woman was a law unto themselves. The people who succeed in this harsh environment rose to prominence in the national eye. As the great infotainment enterprises began to resurrect themselves, it was only natural that they would turn to this as a source of entertainment, spawning an entirely new breed of reality TV. Autoduelling was born.

It is now 2064. It has now been more than 40 years since "Crazy Joe" Harshman won the Fresno destruction derby by strapping a .50 calibur machine gun to his car and the current culture of vehicular death was born.

It has been 20 years since the peace accords were signed between the U.S. and Japan, ending the last great war. Much has been rebuilt, but the recovery has been mostly in urban centers. The rural areas are still lawless and violent, breeding mercenaries, killers, and resentment.

A Car Wars game for 4 players. Sometimes you'll be pitted against each others, other times against the world.