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One Man's Trash
Welcome to One Man's Trash, this is an Apocalypse World game; if you are familiar to the game, then you know what you are getting into.  If not, then that is okay I can work with you.  I feel the most important aspect to understand in this game system is that it is a dramatic engine-the rules create drama.  The ironic part is that the MC (GM/DM) is not forcing it on you, the dice rolls mitigate that and the results puts choices in your, the players, hands.  I really love this game because of the engine, also the genre; however, the engine really dominates the game more than the apocalypse setting.  If you are hesitating to play because you are thinking “zombies” then let me assure you, there are no zombies.  Think of the game as a Sci-Fi game.  Look around the threads and see if it is your taste.  If you are a Star Wars fan, think Raxus Prime.  Here are a few things to consider while combining this game with PBP.

This is a game that is in progress, it has taken a more cyber-punkish or sci-fy aspect; because the players have taken it that way.  We have some established threats and some potential threats.  Bare in mind, that your submissions cannot over step them; so as you write them up, think of stuff that might happen two or three sessions later.

Keep a layered aspect of game-play: I hope that characters don’t simply “react.” Those situations/scenes promote opportunities for an underlining emotions and motivations which drive the character actions.  I am a fan of True Detective, Breaking Bad, Firefly, and Deadwood; these all portrayed the layered aspect to their story and characters.

Fluffy time wasters: If things are going slow for you or me; then we should write some fluff.  This could be directly about your character or something else, like a place, another NPC, or explore some detail within the setting.  Just write, draw, dance, or sing.

Bigger picture: I have a few ideas as to what is the big-picture; all of them are different.  Let see if the story allows one of them to pop out.

Tone: AW is about scarcity, change, and drama-I want drive them as the tone, which can be spun into “The itch can be satisfied, but only momentary with some hard work.”  Garnering your resources is certain failure.  There should be a sense of spending now for a chance of getting what you want; saving and lose it all.  However, pursuing things is not pointless; it just will not be the “answer” or “comfort” for long.

Players should feel like they are playing in an apocalypse that is rooted in our reality, but know that you cannot hold a map to deduce where you are.  Familiarity is a comfort that satisfies an itch, that itch is only momentary.  You all could be speaking German or Korean: it doesn’t matter unless you realize that you are not anywhere that speaks English.

Technology-The old world was more advanced than what we “players” are accustomed to.  It has been two generations since the Fall, (that is what we are calling it) but good scratch is still possible and the old world still lingers around to answer problems momentarily.  Technology was not “five-minutes-into-the-future” but rather one generation later.  Also, at that time, fully merchandised so there are plenty of ridiculous convenience/entertainment items that is high tech and completely useless (I wonder what apocalyptic survivor’s would think of our sticky hands/spiders.)

Age: I need you tell me if you are over 18, this is a mature and adult themed game.  We acknowledge the existence of sex and that the apocalypse has harsh violence; however, this is not an exploitation movie and would like to keep such acts mostly valed.   Also, I will require you to post your player age in your character notes, so everyone can see.  You may keep it in 5 years increments.  EXMP: I am 45-50 years old.

Submission: Take a look at the Background/Setting and write a scene with an aspect that develops an impulse that you got from it.  You can make NPCs or a character concept within it.  Also you can go with a more RPG description of something that might not be as prose-ish but develops some details.  Remember, this is a way for you to judge me, the MC, as much as I am judging you.  This will be openly posted.

Entertainment that you devour:  Tell me about at least three TV, Movies, or Novels that you love, and why.  The WHY is far more important and can really affect my perception of “what you want out of this game.”  Don’t tell me more than ten and I invoke the franchise rule, a series is just one-I don’t what to hear why book 3 of Harry Potter is great and then hear about book 6 of Harry Potter is great-either you liked it all or just one.
See I can easily do it.

True Detective-The characters are well defined in the beginning and the series continually reveal them and the conflicts that are brought on.  Did anyone catch that the villain could “switch his identity” as a characteristic of being evil?
Breaking Bad- Completely different than True Detective, the characters completely change based on outside pressures and their reactions towards them.  When did you stop liking Walter?
Firefly-Probably one of the best TV shows that can illustrate what a RPG could do.  The show was not as heavy as either Breaking Bad or True Detective.  The characters were defined enough to make good dialogue and relationships; also, it was more serial, allowing these characters to explore bits of their relationships and character.
Don’t forget that this will be posted publicly.

Play-by-Post Regulations
Terms cross-reference
: Every “Game session” I will refer as an Act, with 3-4 scenes within that Act.  If you have a “Starting Session Roll;” consider it as a “Starting Act Roll.”  If you have done nothing to deal with your “Starting Act Roll” then you roll to see if escalates (you should try to deal with the roll within two scenes.) Additionally, we will do Hx and Highlights when an Act ends.

Things your character says: You only need to put quotes around the stuff your character says within the post.  If you are writing OFC and use quote to distinct a word or idea, I can figure that out.  I do it all the time and I know that it’s “bad writing.”  Also, you should pick a color for your font.  NPCs will not have colors for their dialoged; they will have a different font.

Internal dialoged: Still use quotes, your character is still speaking-just to themselves.   However, use italics with it, along with color of your font.

NAMES names names: AW plays around with proper names, so if you are using a proper name within a post, PLEASE, make it bold.  It might be annoying, but will be clearer to keeps the pros flowing.  EXMPL: Poppy-cox thought that 99 Cents would never make it down the climb-Poppy-Cox thought that 99 Cents would never make it down The Climb.

PMs-Private Messages: I really like the use of PMs, it is a source to talk about the game and deal with issues privately.  All PMs are out
of character so these rules can be negated.

NO ZOMBIE ZONE: there are no zombies, this world did not fall from mindless undead nor did they have any way to reverse/animate the dead.  This is my only “NO” to the game.