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Havyk Rising
Our story begins with a demon.
Several thousand years ago, on the edge of recorded history, a demon reigned. Havyk, chaos incarnate, he reveled in the pain of others. Humans were his slaves, lesser demons ruled minor provinces as gods, often forcing the humans to fight turf wars between them, the gods were either chained to the heavens or forced into indentured servitude to Havyk itself. But one day a hero rose to fame. A paladin sworn into the service of the god of death and judgment, his blade needed only a touch to consign a soul to the underworld. He blazed his way into the demon's fortress, filling hell's gardens of torment on his way. He came face to face with the Lord of Chaos and challenged him to a duel. The demon obliterated him in an instant with a burst of black magic.
In doing so, he fell into the god of death's trap, his magic, his essence, being sucked into a pit of torment.
With his magic taken away, the binding on the gods was broken. Their power restored in all their divine glory, they razed the countryside of demons, wiping them off the face of the material realm. Humans joined the fight in their own way, grouping into mobs and charging the lesser demons that escaped the wrath of the gods.
Ever since then, humans and gods have shared a close bond, the gods lending their power to deserving humans to ensure that demons would never rise again.
Over the next few thousand years, demons have striven to return to the material plane, where they could gain a foothold to storm heaven, and have been pushed back. Relations between humans and gods have been strained due to several clerics trying to take godly power for their own devices. As a result of the strain, demons are trickling back into the world. Rumors speak of an occult group of humans that have strayed into demon worship and summonings. At first, they were hunted and destroyed, but now, as the gods withdraw further from humanity, demons, who are reaching out to humans, are looking much more helpful.
The numbers of demon worshippers are still low, but it looks as though history may repeat itself if humanity is not careful.
They met up months ago in a small village. They teamed together to face a goblin raiding party and became an adventuring party. Since then, they have completed numerous small quests in various small towns. Seeking a bigger adventure, they hear a rumor about a demon about to be summoned by an occult group seeking to remake the world as they see fit. Strangely, the origin of this rumor is Kel. Strange because, for the last ten years, Kel has been deserted...