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Venture Quest: The Innsmouth Look
Welcome to Venture Quest: The Innsmouth Look(TIL).

TIL is primarily a game for players and myself to learn, practice and hone our playing skills in the new Dungeons and Dragons 5e rule-set. There is no goal to take ourselves overly serious nor to become tournament level experts in the rules. There are enough of those style games and groups out there that do just fine enough on their own. They will survive without us jumping into their sun-hued pools and adding to the warmth from our own bladders.

Experience rewards follow the traditions of rewards for monster kills, quest achievement, role playing, teamwork/comrade, as well as for contributing to the enjoyment of the game or just making a funny arse joke. Sportsmanship is also highly valued. A spectacular defeat, going out with a bang can count more towards party/character advancement, if played well, then a sweeping victory played by the numbers. Nothing wrong with victory either, just trying to make a point that this is a game where the playing of the game itself is more important than who scores the winning Gnomepunt. As well, sabotage of the party's or another player's goals is never in good form.

As this is a public forum, and most of us are family with children, I ask that you keep your posts, even those in private to a PG rating. If you write something that you wouldn't want your wife/husband or children to read, then don't post it here. Not to say that there is no room for adult humor, but there are other alleys, back alleys, for it to be shared in. Not all need be an  Unfortunate Rake.

Enough said already, to long have I typed and to looming is the coming sobriety.

Venture Venture Venture Quest Ho!!!!