• This game is under the Fantasy, Medieval & Strategy genres.
  • This game contains adult content.
Catacombs and Rat Catchers of Entwort; the War
_This game will not Start until the next upgrade of Adult RTJ age ??, but;

___You are in a most beautiful city, a metropolis called Entwort.  It is a city that is tropical and subtropical in part due to hot springs. But the land is an island of temperate rain forest in actual clime.  It is by Imperial Law draped in flowers, the most packed and poorest parts of the city has roof gardens and window boxes. Theft of light is punishable by flogging.  The city swarms with birds butterflies. The Gardeners, and Beekeepers Guilds are oddly power full for the City.  The Queens Court in the city is known for it's beauty and as having a High Throne of Sealy Court.

___But you are not members of any of those you are members of another Court and Guild of odd power, you are members of the Rat Catchers Guild, and the Unseelie Court. The Master of this Court has no High throne in the City he an Archmage, Hierophant Druid adventurer is holder of the far Throne Reflection; the high throne of elemental princes.  He is the Imperial Monarch of the City, the Island, as well as the nearby lands and isles of Anarche.

___All this is very fine but who are you As said you are all members of the Rat-catchers Guild. It is an open secret that the guild is a front for the enforcement arm of the Shadow guild, the guild of thieves.  Oddly the Rat-catchers have official standing in court as guards of the Queen, and as Troops when called to enforce Quarantine during plague.  You are a member of this guild either openly or in secret.  The guild is ruled by a high and low council, the low is made up of all the sewer bosses, the high is a council of twelve sewer Lords.  Of those five are known to be lords of the shadow guild as well. You are all followers of one of those Shadow Lords, the Thieves Guild has twenty Shadow Lords your master is one of the least of them.
___You are all members of the Unseelie Court, upstairs in the Imperial Court only great lords, merchant or guild princes get to come uninvited into the Emperor Larch's Great Court.  Down stairs in the dark and shadows of the sewers, battle labyrinth, and growing catacombs in the unseelie court you come into his presence in secret you are part of the Unseelie Court, as those selected by your Shadow Lord As members of the Unseelie Court, Spy Service.

___There are paladins a plenty in the emperors watch and detective bureau, each of you are freshly called by you dreams to the Heroic Talent you have become and each of you through a different path has been called by the Spy-master Shadow-lord, to the personal service of the Elemental Prince Of Reflection and Master of the Entwort Unseelie Court.  He is beloved and returns the love of the children of the city, he succors the hungry protects the weak and is good king to the city.. he is a Druid of Balance, and Has A TEMPER. You are the Unseelie Courts Temper.

*Each one of you is first level, even if you choose to start with two classes.
*Each of you is at zero level adjustment even if you choose a races with more.
*Each of you must be lawful to neutral, and neutral to evil, if you choose to serve as guardian of the Sealy Court; the White Rats you will Smoke the petals of the rare black lotus flower. Also if you betray the Unseelie court and the Empire and are not killed you will also.  The breaking of the habit of the black lotus is death.
*Each of you was indirectly recruited whether you were footpad, street rat, cavalier, cleric or samurai. You are in imperial service and have been trained in the way of the Shinobi.. those of you with ranks in honor have discovered from those who your clans have called to be Keepers of Books of Honor that in imperial the shadow walk is not dishonorable to the clan, while discovery is.  Those clans willing to risk shadow service to the elemental prince gain honor in court.

You stand side by side with others of this years class taking knee to the Master of the Unseally hall as he speaks of his; and the empires thanks. He speaks of the peace in the light ensured by the dark.  He tells you that the Shadow Guild is as known to few, at War. This he states would not be a problem and he would not have issue with it letting the guild settle its internal unpleasantness.  Even though this is caused by outsiders and bosses traitors to their guilds, but that the outsiders are using the Forbidden the Demon ridden undead not the skeletons and zombies of the Family spirit line clerics or the mummy's of those whose spirits are pledged to the defence of the city. As these words are spoken your shadow lord spy master pulls a torc from a sleeve placing it around the shrouded neck the emblem of one of four in the city a Mage Necrotic, and Family-line Cleric of the City of the Dead Catacombs.

  His imperial Majesty turns and looks directly at your line something usually not done with the Imperial Temper; "You are now Siblings of battle you will be taken to a place of preparation, where you will break the first law of the Temper.  You will wait until your guide has gone, a person who is dying as we speak, and remove your masks, this place is your base your Order-house. I name you the Order of Rage, I am not amused."