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[DnD3.5e*] Tales of the Dungeon
Tales of the Dungeon, as the name implies, focuses on adventures that take place in a dungeon.  The dungeon itself is typical for its kind, known for its massive size, labyrinthine layout, devious deathtraps, mean monsters and sometimes denizens.  The players will, for now, take the role of adventurers in a cohesive group seeking fortune, fame and the occasional bounty / noble in distress / loved one who have ventured into the dungeon.  There will be little, if any, interaction outside of the dungeon for now, but the dungeon itself is not isolated from the world, but rather such interactions will occur in an OOC format.  But, all roleplaying in the context of the dungeon is strongly encouraged.

Good luck, adventurers.  You'll need it.  <QUEUE DIABOLIC LAUGHTER!>