• This game has been marked for deletion.
Greetings Inmate's.
You have really done well, I must congratulate you on the sheer depths of your commitment to criminality. Your hard work has paid of and brought you here, to Vrillium Prime.
This Planet holds the Universes most decorated Prison System.
That's where you are now. Recently admitted to the general population as the latest (but perhaps not greatest) series of criminals deemed too deeply ingrained in their lifestyle to ever change.
Maybe you simply have such extreme views that you cannot ever fit in with the U.C.G.T.U's (United Colonial Governments and Trade Unions) world, perhaps you have been living the life so long you do not know or trust any other method of survival or maybe all those cybernetic implants have created in you certain triggering mechanism that hurl you into a berzerker frenzy whenever you see the colour Blue.
Whatever the reason, you're here now and you must now contend with the most dangerous beings in all of the cosmos if you are to survive the dark and dingy halls of the cell blocks or heaven forbid ESCAPE the dreaded Simulated Intelligence, Warden Overseer13, who's mechanical sensors see and hear all.