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Mobsters and Mythos
The year is 1921, prohibition has inadvertantly created a booming market for illegal alcohol, be it distilled or smuggled across international boarders. The Bootstrap Gang, like many other organized crime syndicates, has taken advantage of the market. They are a moderately sized blue collar gang that deals mostly in bootlegging (with a side business in illegal gambling, prostitution, extortion, and various other shadowy odd jobs). It's a shady business and the shadows aren't as vacant a one might expect. Crime families, secret societies, and nameless shapeless horrors vie for influence over the dark corners of New England.

This game is part crime drama, part strategy and resource management, and part supernatural horror with a large amount of Lovecraftian influence, focusing mostly on organized crime with the occasional asides that take place befor the main story or parallel to it. These asides will affect the main story, offer context, and the occasional change of tone.