• This game has been marked for deletion.
Eclipse Phase - Think before Asking
"Good evening, gentlebeings. We have something that needs to be investigated.
Five months ago, on January 6, a series of detectors on Higg's Landing Station above
Thoroughgood detected a stray gamma photon signature compatible with the passage of an
antimatter warhead. We did not become aware of this until very recently, when an
independent investigation happened to scan the data. A small search suggested that the
warhead was among the luggage carried onto shuttle TDX503 Landau Landau, bound for
Phelan's Recourse. The investigation even managed to get some scanning data from the
security checkpoint, which confirmed the presence of the warhead - and what looks like a
quantum entanglement trigger.
This set off our warning bells: why would anybody complicate things by setting up a FTL
trigger? And while the cost of the entanglement is small by the standards of the warhead, it
also might provide a trail to the originators in a way that merely anonymized mesh
communications would not do. Some further intel (that we are not at liberty to divulge) also
hint that this shipment may be of Firewall interest. It is an old and somewhat cold trace, but
we think there is something important here.
We want to find out where the warhead went, who is behind it and what they intend to do
with it. If they are up to no good with it, feel free to stop them. Good luck.

An adventure by Anders Sandberg