• This game is under the Fantasy & Medieval genres.
  • The game system is Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.
In Search of the Unknown
Rogahn the Fearless & Zelligar the Unknown are legendary names.  Even those on the borderlands, far from the great cities of civilization know of their reputations - though their tale began long decades before.  Elders and sages speak their names with respect, even awe, in distant admiration for the memories of the two legendary figures.

Most have heard at least part of their stories, but never enough to know all of it, or even what is true and what is only legend.  Rogahn earned his name as a warrior, Zelligar as a foremost practitioner of the dark arts.  None now know what drew these men together, but tales tell of a fortuitous meeting that led to a friendship that lasted for many years.

Legend has it that once renown was won, the two men disappeared into the wilds with their consorts.  Rumor whispered of a hideaway built far from civilization.  Yet no one seemed to know any more than myth and rumor.  Certainly, none alive now knew the location of their keep, though some said Ratik, others Tenh, and still others the Theocracy of Pale.

Why they left the lands of men is up for conjecture.  Some say their motive was the pursuit of material wealth, others surmise that they practiced fell worships, led by Zelligar's magicks.  Regardless, for many years they were not heard from.

Some thirty years following their disappearance, the great barbarian horde came down from the north, threatening many nations.  Just when things seemed bleakest, Zelligar and Rogahn, leading a great army, reappeared.  At a narrow pass between two great peaks, they met the horde and broke their charge.  Rogahn slew the great barbarian leader in single combat, and Zelligar loosed fell sorceries that put the remaining barbarians to flight.

It was a great victory and they were honored thusly for their role.

Once the celebrations quieted, Rogahn and Zelligar retreated back to their hermitic lives.  Few know what transpired during the following years, but some 20 years ago, rumor had a great army marching north toward the barbarian lands, a wizard and warrior at their head.  Both had more pale than dark in their beards, yet those few who witnessed the march swear that both men's eyes were bright.

And yet, once gone, neither was ever seen again in the lands south of the heights.

Rumors, legends creep down from the north at times.  One in particular holds a storied conclusion: two men, atop a towering rock, slaying a horde of northmen...only to fall, overwhelmed at last by the horde.

It has occurred to many in the years since the last quiet tale that the mysterious hideaway is vacant.  What treasures wait within the legendary keep?  What horrors?

Now, after all these years a new rumor is whispered in a small thorp.  It comes with a map, hand written upon weathered parchment, some of it smeared, some illegible.  But at the top of the page the runes of both warrior and mage...and in the middle, the letter 'Q'.