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Main Story

Forget everything you know about Arthur and the Knights of the Round table. Most of it was cooked up to hide the truth.

The Truth...

In the 5th Century the Roman Empire pulled out of what is now modern day Britain. Left behind was a group of Knights who were natives. There amidst them a man rose up and sought to lead the peoples and make a lasting peaceful nation. The Angleo Saxon armies invaded at this time and his battle mettle and leadership was put to the test. There the young Romano-British commander, Artorius Castus, found and drew an ancient British weapon, The Sword in the Stone also known as Excalibur. With this fabled weapon he rallied the entire nation of the British, even the Woad and their Wizard leader, Merlinus Emrys, stood with them.

After a long campaign the Angleo Saxon Army was pushed back and Artorius was crowned king. It was then that he took up his British name Arthur.

It came to pass that the drawing of the sword also unlocked the gates of Avalon and the mystical denizens of the fey spilled out onto our world. It was then found out that Merlinius, later known as Merlin was found to be the offspring of an Incubus and a human woman. Actually having vast magical power he aided Arthur in forming alliances and conducted diplomacy for the kingdom to the people's of the Fey.

Through treachery and sorcery an evil sorceress known as Morgan La Fey, tricked Arthur into laying with her, committing adultery against his wife. After a child was born, Mordrid. A seed of evil conceived in sin and deceit. He grew up to be a powerful warlock and he took up rule of the dark forces of Avalon. There He waged war against Arthur.

In 518 BC, the forces of Camelot and hordes of Mordrid meet on the fields of Camlann. It was at this battle that Mordrid mortally wounded Arthur. Merlin, who was engaged in mortal combat against Morgan La Fey, broke off combat and rescued Arthur. In the process Merlin and his wizards banished Morgan La Fey to another dimension and her half breed son was captured. Mordrid was sentenced to the worst punishment imaginable. Immortality, imprisoned in a magically warded prison and sent to the bottom of the deepest point in the Atlantic ocean, that Merlin and his wizards could find. After which Merlin and his wizards took Arthur and his family to Avalon where they could live out the rest of his days in peace.

Since then Avalon and the mortal plane have lived in peace. With very little conflict. Until now...

he year is 2017. The month is October.

In a normal mundane world all hell breaks loose as an evil sorcerer long thought to be legend returns. Dark evils of the ancient world are brought to life in a modern age.

This is an Arthurian Legend type of story. Players will be normal humans who wake up one day to find the fantasy world of old was not as fake as we thought. The world is plunged into chaos as all old terrors of the ancient world take hold. These dark forces seem to be lead by a dark figure who remains in the shadows and they seem to be all looking something.

Will the players be able to find out what it is and how to stop these abominations from tearing the world apart? or will they join them and subjugate the world.