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[PF] Forgotten Realms : Tearing of the Weave
Wheloon was cast in the shadows of something that even it could not come to terms with, could not come to grips with. It was suppose to be a fantastic temple, a temple dedicated to the Goddess of Magic Mystra, so why was it so secretive, so curious. Why did the guards act as though their was nothing suspicious going on there ?

It was no surprise that an old friend of your's Valrith Dorithil a sun elven priest and wizard of the Lady of Mysteries contacted you. However his concerns were something that was deep and by the sounds of the letter consuming him. His fear that something was amiss warring with the fact that the Temple is well built and giving off the impression of belonging to Mystra.

So begins the journey to Wheloon and your destiny.

This game will be hosted for about six people. Characters will be going Mythical in this campaign.