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Degenesis: Rebirth - Red Ashes

The year 2073; The end of the world. Eschaton.

Hundreds of years ago, the world as we knew it ended when we failed to defend Earth, and massive meteors crashed into the surface of the planet and ended civilisation.

It is now the year 2595, and over five hundred years has passed since the apocalypse of mankind and new cultures have risen in the ruins of the Bygone world, both civilised communities and feral tribes. Europe reclaims its heirtage in the ruined cities of the past while Africa stands as a sparkling jewel before the future, both continents cut off from the other continents.

The world is dangerous, where daily life is threatened by dangerous tribesmen, devious fortune seekers, respectable workers, or more supernatural things such as the new breed Homo Degenesis, mutant spawn of the plague called Sepsis, each mutant resonating with an impact point of a meteor which grants each kind superhuman abilities no mortal man could ever wield. Those who do not fall at the hands of these dangerous mutants die from the exposure of the Sepsis itself, and madmen inhale and ingest the lethal spores to experience new highs.

Anything is up for grabs in this world.

But you must sacrifice everything.