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The Eastern Lands
The Eastern Lands, a name given by The Empire of Abel centuries ago, is located upon the massive island of Varja, almost a continent in its own right.  Within Varja resides two very separate principalities, Lannet and Shivat, both despise The Church and desire to sever the Empire's control over their lands but have bitter blood between themselves.

In the year since The Fracture of The Heavens and Emperor Elias' death many troops and members of The Church have returned to The Sacred Holy Empire.  The Eastern Lands are feeling emboldened.  Both Lannet and Shivat have declared their old calendar, placing them in the year 6,985, and are preparing to defend themselves should the Empire return in number.

With freedom looming so does war.  The old rivalry between Lannet and Shivat begins to burn once more and internal conflicts are at the forefront of every major city within Varja.  As though these issues were not trouble enough, Varja also suffers a broken reality in which the pull of magics is much stronger.  However, Lannet and Shivat do not suffer equally.  The Five Magatama, ancient stones of protection, once gave refuge to all of the island.  Now they only protect Lannet, the two stones once belonging to Shivat having been stolen centuries ago by their brother nation- the main fuel for their continuing feud.

It is here you find yourself, at a particularly nice inn within the Sen Monogatari Mountain Range, directly between the influences of Lannet and Shivat.  The innkeeper is a kind middle-aged couple whose family has owned this inn for centuries.  Thus the country they were considered a part of has changed hands many times and they do not mind whatever nationality you are, even accepting westerners to some degree.