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1968: The Undead Horrors Of War
The year is 1968, and in Vietnam the Tet Offensive has just launched, pushing the forces of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam(ARVN) into retreat as their allies struggled to regroup and turn back the many pronged assault. Many strongholds of government and military power in the south have been overrun, or face a lengthy siege.

At Camp Carroll, the 3rd Marine Regiment has been spared the brunt of the assault. Just a few klicks from some of the heaviest fighting, as well as the border of the Demilitarized Zone, the encampment has become a mecca for refugees from the fighting.

As the Marines process the flood of displaced civilians, troops, and enemy infiltrators, the players will soon find that an entirely different threat has yet to reveal itself in the jungles, where the dead have begun to rise.