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Where the Shadows Stir
Five hundred years ago, the Great War nearly destroyed the world. There was demons, undead and all sorts of nasty business, but in the end, The Church beat them back and a theocracy was established. Mages, who had been numerous, were excommunicated and hunted down as heretics. The history of decay and destruction, the war and the final victory over evil can be read at every shrine, temple and church.

All is well. The Church takes care of everyone and the Inquisitors make sure, the mages can not stirr up trouble again. People are content as there's plenty of food, commerce flourishes despite the taxes paid to The Church, and what is best, there is peace in the realm.

However, things stir in the deepest of shadows. Of course, no-one in their right mind speaks about such blasphemy, but some have seen it. Those who have spoken about it aloud have disappeared.