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Cognito Ergo Sum (1x1)
Her foot tapped with mild impatience against the black marble floor as she reclined on the imitation leather sofa that provided the only seating in this sparse, white walled waiting room. The door through which she had entered was the same colour as the walls and was almost invisible. The door she was waiting to go through was of similar design apart from a small plasma screen above it displaying the phrase "Please Wait" in large red letters. The only other furniture was a small glass table. In front of her a company logo dominated a quarter of the wall bearing the letters O.B.E (Out of Binary Experience) along with an angel like shape composed of ones and zeros. On a small coffee table in front of her was a technology magazine containing several articles on artifical Intelligence.

She had been invited here because of the research papers she had published. Papers like the articles in the magazine that offered sound theories on both the nature and application of Artificial Intelligence. She had been searching for that elusive goal that many programmers aspire to, The creation of a self-aware software program. A sentient digital entity. If her current hosts were to be believed, they had beaten her to it.


I am looking for a female player / character to play the role of a computer scientist that has been invited to aid in the testing of a new A.I. software program. Be warned that this game is not entirely what it seems on the surface and a prospective player must be ready for some surprising revelations as the game progresses.

I will expect 1 post per day, except on weekends. I myself can only manage 1-2 posts Monday-Friday and I am usually active between 7 and 8.30 A.M. and between 1.00 and 2.00 P.M. United Kingdom time.