• This game has been marked for deletion.
The Deserts of Simnar
Welcome to the world of Simnar, a world which is covered by sand and rock, with the exception of small rain forests which have formed around bodies of water resembling large lakes and small oceans. These lakes are fed by enormous underground aquifers and underground rivers. It is a constant fight for survival as these provide not only life and food, but the water to power the airships and vehicles that the various empires and factions of Simnar use to control and explore territory. Jutting out of the sands stand huge buildings, monuments to a time passed in which the ancients shaped the world to their whims and controlled the surface.However, under the shifting sands lies a second world, one where these grand empires have little to no hold, controlled by creatures such as the sand wyrms, tunneling through the rock creating labyrinthine passages and caverns which have since become inhabited by bandits and the outcasts of society. Do you have what it takes to survive the cutthroat politics, shifting sands, and ever hungry creatures that inhabit the Deserts of Simnar.