• This game has been marked for deletion.
Never Again
Earth has fallen. What is left of our species now is spread out across the Solar System in various expanding colonies. Ideologies clash as the politics of the various regions have changed and evolved. You find yourselves as occupants of Mars, the supposed heart of transhumanity.

Here the Planetary Consortium reigns, even as it fails to hold a strong grip on the Martian frontier. The Hypercorps are calling the shots, while the public is numbed with a seemingly democratic government and various distractions.

Firewall has chosen each of you as part of one of their Martians Cells. You operate under codenames generally while working together, though some may be more public personas than can be helped. The fact is, Mars is a bag of troubles ranging from Hypercorp scheming to Frontier monsters. Your task is to deal with what you're pointed at and hope it all pans out.

Just remember, end of the day... you chose to do this. The must not be a second Fall.