• This game has been marked for deletion.
[C20] The Price of Nobility
The dwindling balefires in Concordia have changed both the political and social landscapes more than any noble is willing to acknowledge. Changelings that returned during the decades following the Resurgence (and that have not succumbed to Bedlam or Undoing) are blessed by having built foundations to fall back on when Glamour supplies diminish. Meanwhile, others have to resort to extremes to survive Banality’s growing influence on the world. Looking for change, but receiving no solution from their leadership, sinister organizations such as the Shadow Court continue to grow steadily by promising a new world in return for sacrifices and commitment in the name of their cause.

The massive rift between faerie nobility and commoners threatens more than the stability of changeling society by drawing attention from where it is needed. Increasing number of Thallain and Dark-Kin enter the Autumn world alongside monstrous chimera and nightmare monsters in order to prepare the world for the Elder Dark. At the same time, some find it easier to cast their lot with the Fomorians in order to avoid meeting their end, with “Better a nightmare than dreamless sleep” as their motto.

“Our kith is our destiny.”
— King Meilge of House Eiluned, Shadow Court, Regent of Concordia