• This game has been marked for deletion.
The Bloody Countess
Five mutants have escaped from the dungeons of Castle Morbidheim!. These lusting abominations are loose in the countryside, slaking their thirst for blood, sin, and virginal flesh.

Enter the tormented Queen of this misty realm, for these monsters are Her own creations, and She wants them back. After cooling Her rage with a gallon of 'wine', Countess Morbidika Drakesch is mad as hell... and She's not going to take it anymore!

Yet, perhaps this catastrophe could provide Morbidika an opportunity for entertainment. The infamous vampire turns Her Plane-O-ScopeŠ to the mundane lands. It's time to snatch a dream team of unlikely heroes, and toy with them while they do the dirty work of The Bloody Countess!

We'll be using a homebrew system. It's essentially a stripped down Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (2nd edition).