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Raisin' Sand in Rockville - Adventure in the Old West
Rockville, Utah, was first settled in 1860, first settled by Mormon Apostles. It was originally named Adventure, but the name was changed to Rockville because of the rocky soil and surrounding Virgin River, so named in honor of Thomas Virgin by famous trailblazer Jedediah Smith, after Virgin was killed in a confrontation with local Natives in 1827.

It is now 1885. No longer consisting of Mormon pilgrims, the town has become a landmark in Utah, with a population of just over two hundred souls. Most residents are cattle ranchers or homesteaders, though there are plenty of other roles to be filled in this slice of the Old West, tucked near the mouth of the Zion Canyon. Because of the rocky terrain, farming is very difficult, and instead, cattle ranching is king, as hay, barley and wild grasses that manages to grow are hardy and grow quickly. A large copper mine lies a few miles out of town, as does a timber mill. Despite not having a railroad pass through town, the copper mine, the exceptional weather year round, the picturesque views, and the fine conditions for raising cattle keeps Rockville alive and stable.

Lots of townsfolk are needed to make a place like this work! And there's plenty of work to be done. See the list of possible jobs you could take to help keep Rockville thriving!