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Ouroboros: Jupiter Reigns
A hard reboot of Ouroboros : Mercury Ascending

The date is now 2230 and the war for humanity has reached a tipping point as tensions rise and positions become embattled. Public anti-BWC and pro-Hermes protests have erupted across the world. Human rights groups have come out in support of efforts to capture and rehabilitate Xenos and militant groups have begun "purging" those believed to be supporters or carriers of the virus; often the latter have a range of ideologies with many bordering on the extreme. Beyond this the BWC has been embracing more radical technologies and larger scale operation. Actions which have lead to a diversification of Ouroboros viral strains.

You find yourselves the unwitting participants in this conflict.

It was a special day for the city of Detroit. At a press conference downtown the mayor was officially announcing the construction of a BWC manufacturing facility. The news outlets framed it as everything from an economy stimulating enterprise to a sign of mayoral corruption.

Protesters gathered to denounce the agreement and counter-protestors gathered in support. Joining the groups were more fringe elements such as the militant "Pure Humans" and pro-Trismegistus group "Bioalchemy". Police were dispatched to keep the peace and BWC security forces were deployed to protect their spokespeople. As the press conference approached tempers flared and during the mayors speech all hell finally broke loose.

No one is quite sure how it began but all were aware of the mayhem that followed. The violence spread like wildfire as downtown devolved into pure anarchy. Somewhere along a supply of gas canisters entered the fray, releasing their payload of viral agents. You all were infecting becoming not Xenos but Hermes and it has not gone unnoticed...