• This game is under the Punk genre.
  • The game system is ShadowRun.
SR3R: Shots in the Night
The year is 2050, and the world has taken a very different turn from what people expected.  Early in the twenty first century, life as we know it was turned upside down by the reemergence of magic.  People transformed into Orks, Trolls, Dwarves and Elves, and the ability to shape physical reality as told in storybooks became a reality.

Technologically, the world has advanced in leaps and bounds.  Food is almost all made from soybeans, or mycoproteins grown in giant vats.  Scientists have discovered how to harness the human soul, and use it to drive electronics, giving rise to cybernetic implants.  The internet has grown and evolved into a fully immersive, Virtual Reality environment called the matrix.  People become one with their computers, their cars, their tools and their weapons, at the heavy cost of losing pieces of themselves.

Politically, the world has fallen to pieces.  Corporations grew and merged, forming Megacorporations, organizations with budgets in the trillions, that span all countries and boundaries.  Eventually, they began supplanting even governments, until they had the right of Extraterritoriality, the ability to create and enforce their own laws on their land, using whatever measures they felt appropriate.

Governments crumbled, the majority of the United States broke up into smaller countries; the Confederate American States (CAS), Native American Nations (NAN), the elven nation of Tir Tairngire, California Free State, and Atzlan, a new, megacorporate run version of Mexico.  North East United States joined with parts of Canada to create the United Canadian American States, UCAS.  Their only vestige on the west coast of the previous United States is the urban sprawl of Seattle, where you live.

Life in shadowrun is dangerous.  You live in a giant, urban sprawl, a city seething with activity, adventures and danger.  The only thing more valuable to you out here than your gun is your wits.  Magic is a force to be reckoned with, and deckers have the ability to manipulate the automated buildings, and even the business of the corporations.  But whatever your skills, life is a fight between the desperate fate of poverty out in the barrens, and the mind-numbing slavery to the corporations in the inner city.

This game is primarily for people completely new to the system. I do not require access to any of the books, and will take the time to explain the rules whenever necessary. We are using the main book, plus a set of houserules called SR3 Revised (or SR3R). You can find more at www.sr3r.net . We are also using the Companion book, and gradually introducing the other core books as the game unfolds.