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Tue 15 Apr 2008
at 15:17
Game Error/Posts Missing/No PMs in Game
With RPoL's slow site issues lately (see the announcement on this in this forum), a problem has developed wherein someone posts to a game and the latency issues cause an incomplete or corrupted entry.

When this happens, some or all of a game's post database becomes inaccessible to the game's GMs and players.  This may result in PMs going missing, or threads being inaccessible.  Often, an error message will be displayed, such as:

    Error! Partial database read detected! (6153 records read)

When this happens, it can be fixed, however the only person with the access to fix this problem is jase.  If your game is experiencing this issue, the Game Owner (primary GM) should send an rMail to jase explaining the problem and including the name of the game.  Please do not post in General RPoL or in Technical Discussions, and please do not send email to site moderators: use rMail to contact jase directly.

This works best if a link is provided to the game, or if, when giving the name of the game, the correct name and spelling are given.

jase takes care of these as he has the time.  Please do not send multiple reports, and do allow him time to fix it (i.e., do not "bump" your report after an hour or two).

jase is working to resolve the root of this problem, however it will take a little time.  In the mean time, we'd like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding.