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Sat 7 Jul 2007
at 15:43
Version 1.6.48.
  • Stopped message edits updating the message post date when the name was also changed.
  • Updated the GM "One Stop" player/character editing screen so it allowed the new groups.
  • Fixed the "rMail" link for users.  The problems that one little comma can cause (and the alliteration!).
  • Updated the compose screen to use a more predictable size for upcoming features.  Also updated the colouring and border.
  • Fixed an incorrect "Internal Server Error" that could come up when people were banned from a game.
  • You can now re-edit a preview of a private message edit.  Yes, that is supposed to make sense.
  • Added some CSS commands for handhelds browsers that claim they can render full pages.
  • Added a "Disable fixed header" (and footer) option to the user preferences.
  • Added a quick multiple account check to the signup screen for people who just don't get it.
  • Fixed a bug where GMs adding a character would sometimes not get the biography saved.
  • Fixed some stickylist timing and counting issues which were causing display messages to go four times faster than they should.
  • Reduced (and hopefully eliminated) the occurrence of pages scrolling to the top.
  • Fixed a problem with the login validation screen not giving people a chance to try again.
  • Further modified the message indicator cookie routine.  No longer prunes off the more detailed records after 30 minutes but rather when it gets too long for browsers to store.
  • Created the framework for the special announcements forum.
  • Added "direct link" hyperlink to the help pages for easy reference.