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Mon 3 Mar 2008
at 15:34
Changes to the Adult Gaming Policy
Please note that the Adult Gaming Policy has been updated.  A summary of changes is below, but we recommend that all participants of adult games on this site take this opportunity to read over the policy in its entirety.

  • Change: Restricted Content
    RPoL does not permit the graphic role-play of rape on this site, but several users have expressed confusion over the wording of our policy on this, believing that repeated scenes of role-played rape in games are somehow "non-gratuitous plot points".

    Due to this we've added "non-consensual sex, sexual assault, or rape" to the list of prohibited content.

  • Change: Artistic Merit
    We've added this paragraph to the Artistic Merit clause just to be clear on the topic above:
      Note that this clause does not in any way permit the graphic role-play of non-consensual sex, the exploitation and/or abuse of minors, or any other content previously noted as disallowed on site.

  • Change: Sexual Assault
    The Sexual Assault clause has had the phrase, scenes "which are not graphic" added to it as yet a further clarifier.

  • New Section: Responsibilities of Adult Gamers
    Invariably, when we locate a problem game, the excuse of most of the participants is that they "didn't think it was their responsibility" to do anything about the violations, or that they just "didn't pay attention" to the materials.  We've added a section clarifying that is the responsibility of all participants in an adult game to ensure it stays within our rules, as well as some clarifications on the GM's responsibilities.

As always, questions and concerns can be directed to the Moderators using rMail (check the box for to/cc Moderators there).