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Wed 11 Jun 2008
at 10:52
Hotmail/MSN/Live issues
FYI we are currently having problems sending to Hotmail accounts.  Emails are received and processed by Hotmail/MSN/Live, however they never appear in the users mailbox.  I have been able to reproduce the error on other systems, so it seems to be some incompatibility between the way our emails are generated and the receiving mail systems.

Research of this issue has revealed it to be an outstanding issue for hundreds of mailing services since 2006.  Our only option for the time being is to recommend that users do not utilise these services until the problem is rectified.

If you have recently signed up and have not received your notification email then please email from your hotmail/msn/live account and I will assist you.  Please note I live in Western Australia which is GMT+8.

We have a support ticket in with Microsoft and are waiting on their response.

Update:  Microsoft was not of any assistance.  I think, however, I have a work-around in place.

If you have just signed up and haven't received your activation link then please login again at /login.cgi and then use the link that is supplied in the message that appears.

If you need to retrieve your password then please visit the login assistance page at /login.cgi?action=help and use the top option.

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