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Responsibilities of GM Status.

Posted by cruinne
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Sat 14 Jun 2008
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Responsibilities of GM Status

Following Shannara's announcement in General, I thought it a good idea to wrap up here with an announcement that would show up on everyone's sticky list.

A Reminder to All RPoL GMs
If you have GM status in a game, whether it is primary GM status, or co-GM status granted by the primary GM, you are responsible for making sure that the game follows RPoL's ToU1 and Content restrictions2, 3.

In a Mature or Unrated game, this means:
    If the game contains content not allowed on RPoL or content not allowed outside Adult rated games, all those in the game with GM status are responsible for closing the thread, contacting the players involved and letting them know this is not acceptable in the game (or on RPoL), and removing the content from the game.

    If you are not the primary GM, the very least you need to do is close the thread, move it to a group that no-one other than GMs have access to, and contact the primary GM and the players to let them know that the content is not allowed on RPOL.

In Adult games GMs have extra responsibility:
    The are required to make sure that content visible to the public (public, archived, and group 0 threads and the Game Intro and Character Descriptions) do not contain graphic sexual content.  That means you are responsible for checking those threads and removing any content which is not allowed or making sure all threads are in private groups.

If you do not want this responsibility, ask the game's Owner (primary GM) to change your status back to player immediately, and contact the Site Moderators via rMail if it isn't changed within a day or so, so that we can change the status for you.

If you have GM status, "I don't check that game," "I didn't read that thread," or "I didn't know," doesn't work.  If you don't want to be aware of and take responsibility for everything in a game, then don't be a GM in that game.

Also note that if you're a player of Adult Games, then you are expected to be responsible enough to notice where you're posting content that isn't suitable for all ages.  If the thread isn't private, don't post sexual content in that group.  Ask the GM to change the thread to private, and wait until they do (or choose instead to post in a thread that is private, or within game PMs).
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