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Mon 23 Jun 2008
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Resolving Interpersonal Game Issues
Increasingly, RPoL Moderators have been asked to intervene in games where the players of the game and the GM are having a disagreement.

RPoL's policy is that the GM of a game (its owner) is the final word in what happens within their game.  While we will enforce RPoL's content policies, we will not settle disputes between GMs and their players over what are game-play issues.

Note, specifically, that anything posted in a game, including a character concept, is considered part of that game.  No GM is under any obligation to delete a player's posts or to refrain from using their character concept as that GM sees fit should the player depart the game, no matter the circumstances.

Similarly, players and applicants are not obligated to behave precisely as the GM wants.  GMs have the means of controlling access to their games, and are expected to use these means rather than asking RPoL Moderators to come into their games and enforce the GM's wishes.

We would encourage all GMs and players who are concerned about such matters to speak to one another candidly.  Players who, for example, would be uncomfortable with a GM taking control of their character in their absence are encouraged to either refrain from submitting that character to a game they do not own themselves, or to work out the details of such an eventuality with the game's GM ahead of time.

Finally, do not use the threat of report to the Site Moderators for personnel/personal matters which should be sorted out within a game.  We are very happy to be contacted by those with concerns about site policies, but we should not be used as a bludgeon to win an argument.  In the end this isn't going to accomplish anything for your game but it is going to annoy us.