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Thu 30 Oct 2008
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GMing Adult Games on RPoL
As a reminder to the GMs of Adult games on the site:

RPoL's rules require that you actively request age and legality-to-view-adult-material information from every applicant to your game before admitting them.

This means that no person should ever be added to an Adult game without first giving the GM:
  1. Their real age.
  2. A statement that they are legally permitted to view adult materials in their place of residence.1

The GM must obtain this information within the game before admitting each person.  There are no exceptions.

Remember that this information is for RPoL's protection, not just the GM's, and as such we require every person joining an adult game to have stated this information first, before the GM adds them, even if the GM has known them since birth.  The verification must take place on RPoL, and must be where RPoL Moderators can find it easily (i.e., don't delete the RTJ with this information in it).

Some GMs want to keep a separate Age Verification thread within their game which each person in the game then posts to.  While this does not obviate the necessity of acquiring this information before admitting each user, it is a way for those GMs who've changed their game rating to meet the age and statement requirements for their game.  If you, as a GM, are keeping an Age Verification thread do note that:
  1. Those replying must state their RPoL user name in their post.  Since character's can change hands easily and often, we must know which RPoL User is making the statement, not which character is making it.

  2. Their real age must be stated.

  3. The statement that they are legally permitted to view adult materials in their place of residence must also be present.

  4. Each person should reply to the thread only once, even if they have multiple characters.  RPoL Moderators should not have to spend time sorting through multiple, vague statements from the same person just because that person doesn't want it known which characters are theirs.

If you have questions about this policy, please use rMail to contact the Site Moderators.   Note that we recognize no excuse for admitting any person to an Adult game without first obtaining this information, and GMs who do this are subject to losing their permission to GM Adult games on this site.

1 Note that this has nothing to do with "age of consent", nor does it have to do with their place of origin.  They must be clear that they are legally permitted to view adult content from where they are currently living and accessing RPoL.