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Wed 23 Sep 2009
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Adult Game GMs and Players: Age Checks
Here on RPoL we have been experiencing an increase of late of GMs who choose to run Adult games but fail to follow our site's Adult Game policies.  As this is beginning to eat up a good deal of Moderator time, I thought it was time to address one particular aspect of this: Age and Legality checks.

For Those Who GM Adult Games...

The GMs of Adult games are required to do two things before admitting any user to their game:
  1. They must ask the applicant for their real age, or their birth date, and receive this information.
  2. They must have the applicant state that they are legally permitted to view adult materials in their current place of residence.

Please note that while most GMs are "sort of" asking, many are being lazy about the details, are asking the wrong questions entirely, or are asking the questions but are not ensuring they receive replies before adding the player to their game.
  • Having an applicant state that they are over 18 is not enough. GMs are required to ask each applicant for their actual age.

  • Having the applicant state they are "of legal age" is not enough.  They must state that they are legally permitted to view adult content in their current place of residence.  The wording is important; do not slack on it.

  • Every person added to an adult game must give this information, even if the GM knows them from other games.  We recognize no exception to this rule, so no person should ever get access to any adult game on RPoL without having this information in an RTJ in the game they're joining.

  • GMs are required to keep this information handy where we Moderators can find it easily and clearly see which RPoL user (not game character) has made the statement.  This distinction is important since characters are frequently moved between players as the game progresses.

For Those Who Play Adult Games...

Finally but perhaps most importantly: if you are a player of adult games we are asking you take part of the responsibility with these requirements.  If you play adult games you already know that you must make these two statements, so go ahead and include them in your RTJ regardless of whether the GM has specifically asked you for them.

Always including this in your RTJ will save Site Moderators a lot of time, help your Adult Game GMs with their bureaucratic headache, and greatly assist in permitting RPoL to continue to host Adult games:
    I am <years> years old, born on <day>/<month>/<year>.  It is legal for me to view adult content in my current place of residence.

If you are interested in an Adult game, but notice the GM isn't asking for age and legality statements in their RTJ information, it would be a good thing to do to give them a friendly reminder.  This reminder is far better coming from you than from a Site Moderator, who will also likely be booting players from their game when we discover the problem.

We're asking the players of Adult games to pledge to help us out with this.

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