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Sat 26 Mar 2011
at 17:27
Changes to Community Chat posting rules
Effective immediately, the following changes are being made to Community Chat (and all other forums).

After some debate and consideration, the admin and site moderators have decided that we would like RPoL to remain a relaxing place for us to come and focus on what we come here to do: game.

We are very lucky to have a broad, multicultural group of users.  But, in part due to that, certain topics serve (primarily) to provoke arguments and, as a result, end up alienating other members of RPoL's community.  When this happens, those users stop participating in the community chat forum rather than deal with the constant rancour.  These same topics also cause the moderators a disproportionate amount of work and stress since we do not enjoy reading these debates and certainly don't wish to be moderating them on a gaming site.

To that end we are adding current politics and real-world identity politics (primarily issues dealing with political affiliation, race, gender, class, and sexuality) to the list of forbidden topics for our public forums.

There are many places around the Internet for those who are interested in such discussions to find them: RPoL simply is not cut out for it.  Site users are also free to start games (not discussion forums) that incorporate these topics, but advertising or linking to these games will be subject to the rules pertaining to all other games on the site.

This is a gamer community and a moderated forum.  It is a place to talk about all things gaming- and gamer-related, but it's not a free speech forum: The moderators and admin of RPoL reserve the right to remove, edit, move, or close any thread at their sole discretion.  While some may disagree with our decision, we firmly believe this is a positive change promoting harmony in our online community, and emphasising what brings us together.