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Sat 3 Dec 2011
at 10:22
Version 1.8.52
Actually done three weeks ago, but here's the notes.

  • Players and (official) lurkers to a game no longer get new message indicators for groups they don't have access to!
    • A side effect of this is that you will continue to get alerts for games you are a player or official lurker in.  Removing a game from your sticky list will no longer suffice, you have to request the GM remove you from the game.  While a slight shift in operation for players, hopefully this will result in less vanishing players for GMs.

  • Fixed the lightly edited/punctuation tweaked editing messages (which broke some time in 2007).
  • Access requests in games now have a "RPoL Profile" link.
  • When typing in a game system it now gives better feedback if you have a prefix or suffix (or both) to a known game system.
  • Updated the game check & fix routine for (some of) the changes done during 1.7.
  • Fixed an issue where a game removed from your stickylist couldn't be added again if you've already read the newest thread.
  • Any NPC with the tag containing the word "NPC" will now be grouped in the cast list (rather than the tag having to be exactly "NPC").
  • Fixed advertising game count in the RPoL information page in the FAQs.
  • Fixed the email notification drop-down list automatically selecting GMT send time rather than your local send time (for updates sent once a day at a specified time).

As per usual, feel free to discuss this (including any issues) in the accompanying thread in the General RPoL forum.