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Thu 14 Jun 2012
at 01:30
Version 1.8.53
  • Removed Internet Explorer relying on 'quirks mode' for the fixed headers and footers.
  • Tweaked (improved?) font sizes, line height, and sub/superscript layout.
  • Changed the fixed footer and header scrolling mechanisms (via CSS) to a better format.
  • Changed rounded corners to non-javascript reliant versions with CSS3, and added more to the site due to the ease.  Older (non CSS3 aware) browsers will lose the rounded corners.
    • As a result; Column alignment in tables (mostly not working before) is now definitely broken (browsers don't support it anymore).  Don't use <alignment> in tables to align columns anymore, align the cells instead.
  • Added the ability to link to specific messages, though the fact they can move to different pages (due to the fact RPoL paginates from the most recent post, not the first) can make it unreliable.
  • Stopped the GM menu showing everyone as having no portraits when editing characters.
  • Fixed circumstances where "Delete rMail" wouldn't work for system generated messages.
  • Fixed some incorrect HTML.
  • Fixed the message number reference for replies being out by one (in private threads).
  • Fixed W-P not showing genre and system for the top thread on some (most) pages, as well as notices being incorrectly positioned in searches.
  • Truncated long game systems in W-P for better layout.  Hovering over shows the full system.
  • Fixed inconsistent and incorrect tag display issues for NPCs.
  • Stopped the autosuggest game system searches selecting a system comment if the user accidentally hovers over the comment and then presses enter.  Also disabled the ability for users to click on the comment.
  • Increased the die roller log from 50 (I thought it was 100!) to 200.
  • Added a link to character posts (for GMs and the player) to see the dice roller log, highlighting the rolls ±1 hour of the message.
  • Fixed where the GM "One Stop" player management page wouldn't let you rename a character.
  • Fixed a problem where once-per-day email notifications were not being sent.
  • Increased number of threads per page from 22 to 25, due to larger screen sizes and/or faster Internet speeds.  A small increment, but we'll monitor the impact and feedback.
  • Stopped the "multiple recipients" window locking up Chrome due to a closed dialogue box.
  • Unofficial lurkers (those not added to games as a lurker) now only get new message alerts if they can see the group.
  • Stopped moderators being added to the recipient list of a (single) rMail every time it was reported (they now are only added the first time).
  • Stopped the "Please do not try to imitate system messages" check being quite so aggressive.

As per usual, feel free to discuss this (including any issues) in the accompanying thread in the General RPoL forum.