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15:29, 15th July 2024 (GMT+0)

Server Upgrade.

Posted by jase
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Tue 8 Apr 2014
at 03:14
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Server Upgrade

GNAX/NetDepot have kindly offered us a free upgrade to new fast and shiny equipment.

As our server is just about to turn six, this comes at an opportune time.

Expected downtime is minimal.  We will let you know more closer to the changeover.
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Cogito, ergo procuro.
Carpe stultus!
Fri 18 Apr 2014
at 12:31
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Re: Server Upgrade

We upgraded to our new server about 24 hours ago now.  Our existing (healthy) drives were put into a new chassis.  After a small amount of tweaking the networking (plus correcting an inexplicable time zone change), everything has been running smoothly.

We've now got 50% more memory (3GB vs 2GB) plus a four-core hyper-threaded server grade processor (rather than our old four-core non hyper-threaded desktop grade processor).

Carry on and enjoy your gaming!
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